Buying CBD doesn’t have to be sketchy.

Cannapan is the practitioner’s and patient’s trusted source of CBD (Cannabidiol). Scientist-formulated products paired with your doctor’s recommended dosage and oversite creates a safe and seamless experience.

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Crafted for patients, formulated by scientists, laboratory tested...3 times. 

Our pain and inflammation formulas source the purest ingredients from certified organic hemp farms. Every product is tested three times throughout production to guarantee patients receive the purest CBD.  We provide transparent lab results, a Certificate of Analysis and tracking capabilities from seed to bottle with a unique QR code.

Unlike other CBD companies, you’ll never have to worry about the pureness of our product.



CBD is deemed safe by the World Health Organization and has non-psychoactive properties (it does not get you high). Preliminary research conducted on Cannabidiol (CBD) indicates it has the potential to relieve pain and inflammation, along with many other maladies. Our resource library has more information on its benefits to help you get started.


Preliminary research conducted on Cannabidiol (CBD) is proving it has the potential to be the answer to the growing opioid epidemic.  Ongoing research is imperative—our Affiliate & Registry Programs are committed to partnering with providers nationwide to supply the highest quality CBD and create disease specific formulations from evidence-based research.

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Safe, effective, non-addictive.

Cannapan’s mission is to be the trusted source of medical grade CBD products for pain and inflammation recommended and available through your practitioner. Cannapan is committed to providing a safe, effective non-addictive alternative to current treatments that put patients’ lives at risk.

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